Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016

Türchen 22 - My Dream

The Christmas days like every year
Make the child in me appear

I cant prevent my dreaming
Of snow- covered wonderland
When snowflakes show their sheening
And candy canes get bent

I see those people being kind
Just to pretend it's love
'Cause they all wanna search and find
Their personal God above

So I start to loose my fear
Of us loosing our feelings
Although it's just one time a year
We act like human beings

So thank you for making me hoping
To meet  people that owe a heart
To make me smell cancels in caves
While the other days world falls apart

One thing I've learned now that I'm old
And saw 'nough red/green decoration
Is that Christmas turns straw to gold
Cause Christmas is a sensation

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